Friday, March 20, 2009

Current FMMO Component Pricing

With the current interest in milk component pricing, I thought I would try relaying the information in a blog format. Let me know how you like this format.

The graph shown is the one we have followed for years.

The most recent component prices are made through the monthly announcements from the USDA following the close of the month. The next month's prices are due out April 3.

Links to the most recent cheese and butterfat prices are on the right. These are based on the CME prices and are updated every Friday. The fat and protein prices follow these, so they can be used to judge where the market is going.

As you can see from the links on the right, both Cheese and Butterfat prices increased this week - good news!

Please add your comments - that's what a Blog is all about.


  1. Does protein prices have a correlation with the Dow Jones?

  2. The International prices of Butter and Milk Powder from Oceania (90% of ww exports) most often drive the local/countries prices (depending of the importance of subsidairies conducted by local governements for supporting their state's production).